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Add Custom service future - questions \ Question about process group


I have two processes with the same main Java class - "engine" on two servers. One of them is test server.

With default process detection group - they are in "engine" process group on two hosts:

1) test

2) normal production server

I have tried change process detection rules with IP or tag condition, but there is no result.

When rule is applied - i see that only name of process group was changed...

But i want have two process group - "test {main-class}" and "prod {main-class}"

I get that now - we can`t have two same processes in two different process groups...

This is very strange and if it is possible, please say how i can do this?

My goal is add Custom service, test it on test server, and then add it to other servers.

How i can add Custom service only on test process.

I can`t add filter - i can`t say to Dynatrace - Deploy this sensor (add this custom service) only for this process on test server.

I want to exclude any risks (CPU spikes, Increase Response time of some requests in my Application and e.t.c.) and at this time to add "Service" vision on test process on test host.

As i described in first part of my question, i can`t split process group on two process.

If i switching OFF deep monitoring (without process restart) on my production server, and then i add some custom service, will it be active on productive server, or it will be active only test server (my goal)

Or i need to disabled this host from monitoring at all.





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Alexander R. you have a test host in your Prod environment? You should be able to define them our especially if they are in two different environments. Are you still having this issue? were you able to resolve it? if so what did you do to work towards a solution?


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