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Agent SEEMS to have connectivity problem?

In my case, Security Gateway is connected to the Dynatrace SaaS, I can verified that the Security Gateway is connected all the time by looking at deployment status 'Security Gateway' tab.

However, in the All Host, occasionally I would see this:

Anyone has any idea why is this so? I netstat in the Security Gateway and can see that all the host are connected to the port 9999 of Security Gateway. Ping test are okay as well as all are under latency of less than 10ms.

I just don't understand this, sometimes the agent would become 'offline' and only 'running' back again after a period time which can be minutes or hours, to make it worse, sometimes when it is back to 'running', it can just didn't capture anything! (as you see in the screenshot, host resources are showing dash instead of some numerical value)


Or like this:


Hey Wai,

I recommend you open a Support Ticket about this issue to get it resolved as soon as possible.



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