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Anyone has any experience/advice on monitoring chatbot? Does Dynatrace Support Emma?

There is an application that involved chatbot as well in their architecture, customer is wondering other than all the good default feature that we always get used to, is there anything interesting we can get out of the chatbot monitoring.

Anyone has any opinion? your comment is welcome.

I am not even sure what kind of information gathering I would initiated to study the feasibility to monitoring it with Dynatrace OneAgent.

Emma is an AI-learning chatbot -powered by Emplay (

Does Dynatrace Support Monitoring of Emplay?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You are asking wrong question. You have to start from technology that is underneath. If there is something like java, .net, node.js you will be able to see it with transactions. If not check what there is, maybe it will be an option of instrumenting it manually. Of corse this is related to on premis installation. If this is only SaaS you will not be able to instrument it. If there is any API that is serving some metrics, maybe you will be able to create custom network device and push some custom metrics via API.


Regards, Sebastian

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