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Application Detection rules - limit


Hi all.

I see this message in app´s definition:

"Your environment is limited to 1000 detection rules. You have currently defined 17 rules."


Can I expand this limit in my managed installation? my client exceeds 1000 rules and it is a major problem.


Thanks in advanced.
Jose A


Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

Hello Jose,

Unfortunately, it's not possible to expand that limit but hopefully I can help you fit within that constraint.

First, this limitation are at an "environment" based level. So you can have 1000 rules for your production environment, 1000 for your non-production environment, staging, dev, etc. I would see if it's possible that some applications can be re-directed into a lower environment.

Secondly, see how broad you can make your rules.

For example, here's an example I found before in a customer's environment:

IF URL contains "/shop" THEN Application = Shop

IF URL contains "/shop/cart" THEN Application = Shop

IF URL contains "/shop/checkout" THEN Application = Shop

The first rule would be true for all 3 rules, thus condensing our rule count by 66%. If it's possible to "broaden" your rules to work for multiple cases, I would suggest looking into condensing them. I've seen over 100 applications defined with <400 rules in a production environment, hopefully we can help you stay under that 1000 limit.

Let me know if there's any further questions!


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Depending on your client, you might be able to get dynatrace to expand that limit. You cannot expand it yourself. Id reach out to Dynatrace and request it to be expanded or as Brennan stated, use broader rules


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

I find it odd myself that this is limited. Not sure what the reasoning is behind it.

With the disclaimer that I am not in development - normally when there are limits like this it is for performance reasons. Each incoming user action needs to be evaluated against the rules to see which application it should map to. If you can imagine an extreme situation with a million rules that would certainly be an issue especially with lots of traffic coming in that needs to be evaluated.

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