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Appmon functionality in Dynatrace


I have a question regarding Appmon's functionalities, with appmon the tests had 5 categories and they were all monitored and they could be integrated with tools such as Jmeter and SoapUI:


I would like to know if there is an alternative for these tests (Unit / integration test, Performance unit test, Web API test, UI driven / browser test and External test) in the new all-in-one Dynatrace platform, since the only documentation that I got to find in the load testing


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general, all options you have are related to request attributes that may help you filter out traffic that came from test from regular traffic. Appmon had some extra options, because it was option to connect it to your IDE because of rich client. For Dynatrace there are no such options, so what you can do is mark somehow transactions you need with (for example) request header. Than you can add request attribute. Based on it you can create multidimensional analysis views or jus use them as a filter. It may work for selenium / jMeter where you are able to add some parameter in any way.

About unit test there is no dedicated solution I suppose.


Regards, Sebastian

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

+1 to what Sebastian said.

Keep in mind that the approach used by Dynatrace with Request Attributes is more flexible that what we did in AppMon. You can still integrate Dynatrace with your load generation tools and still capture the test artifacts that are defined by your test/load tools (NA, etc). So feel free to utilize whatever test labels that suites your needs and have Dynatrace capture those labels as Request Attributes.

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