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Autodesk Map Server application



We have application being monitored by dynatrace. 3 application server. App01 Server Act as a management (IIS and ASP.NET) and user interface, and two App02 and App03 server is the Autodesk Map Sever application where App01 connect to display the map in the web ui.

Have anyone experience an issue the same with us, that App01 can't connect to App02 and App03 (Autodesk Map server) and the temporary fix was to restart the Map Server service and still persist after an hour?

can you also share how dt oneagent monitor the Autodesk, IIS and ASP.NET?

RIght now, we disable the monitoring on those server, apparently it's working fine.

Hope you could give us suggestion.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Hey @Reymond De D. were you able to get a solution for this other then keeping the oneagent off of the host?


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