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Billing HostUnit - Chart with changes


When there's a small environment same user manage systems and - also -monitoring product like Dynatrace.

but when you've a large environment, probably different people do different work.

So, at the moment, we manage the Dynatrace systems but the consumption of the license is - obviusly - based on the hardware that are monitored.

We haven't any chart/graph/something else that can make to us an evidence of what appen at our license.

The request to you is : can we have a table that can give us a signal of that? Also a warning like "host XXX change from 1 host unit to 2 host unit" or something like that.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @Jad you can make an API query to {{baseUrl}}/entities/:entityId?fields=properties.memoryTotal and iterate for each monitored host if you use a from to time clause you can see differences. Or more easy, create a data explorer graph and use the following with a top list graph type""):delta:sort(value(auto,descending))

Put your time frame on a monthly or weekly basis and you can see the hosts increment. Because the host unit is memory based, it can see your changes.

I change this to QA forum.

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