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CallStack about execute order sequence with recording agent logs


We had an OOM circumstance. Please see the following pic.

The stack calling start from the bottom. After calling com.cathay.common.trx.TxFilter.doFilter, there are 10 lines of dynatrace process executed. May I ask what are these processes do? I guess they are recording logs. But I am not sure.

The red line store strings, which is a java append to make a sting for each customer information.

Programmers suspected these processes might effect execution of the following process, which is com.cathay.common.service.authenticate.MemberObject.toString

Can anyone tell me what are these prcoesses exactly doing? Thank you.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

im not sure what those calls are doing, you might be able to get a better answer from the support team either by submitting a ticket or hitting up Chat


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