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Capture Response Header for an ASP.NET Client application


Is it somehow possible to capture a given HTTP response header for an ASP.NET application. When specify where the attribute is captured and then stored: Capture on the client side of a web request and store on calling service this is not working.

For a JAVA (Tomcat) application this configuration works fine.

According to the documentation (Capture request attributes based on web request data) it should work.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It should work, I’ve done It done times ago.

Are you sure your rule is fine?


Regards, Sebastian

Yes, as I mentioned above it works for our JAVA applications and I double checked the configuration - both are the same - beside process group setting (which is specific for each service).

Dynatrace gives me no hint if the configuration is working or corrupt. So I do not know if the data is not there because the backend service is not sending the data or the configuration is wrong 😞

Did you try using WireShark or Fiddler to record traffic and check if needed headers are in response header? Maybe you should look for them in request not in response?


Regards, Sebastian

The header is only set in the response. So I will not find them in the request 😞 Using WireShark is a good idea but I guess I have insufficient rights for sniffing the network traffic. I'll check this out w/ a net admin. Thx for the hints.

Network admin will have it's own trace tools I suppose. Should be able to check it for you.


Regards, Sebastian

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