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Cluster ActiveGate hardware sizing for Mainframe monitoring


Are there any calculator estimator for Cluster ActiveGate hardware sizing for Mainframe monitoring ?

Many Thanks


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There is no calculator, most of the time those requirements are fine:

I think you will have to check it manually with starting point mentioned here. If you are aware about amount of data than you can add 2 extra cores. If you have virtualised environment you should be able to scale up if you will need.


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you Sebastian,

- 1. Even for Mainframe monitoring , can we consider this approach ?

- 2. And for Dynatrace Managed installation hardware, are there any guidelines for Mainframe monitoring ? (I'm looking forward for something similar to this but for mainframe systems : )

Many Thanks

I've answered in second question of yours

Regards, Sebastian

And here is a link to it for the future reference 🙂

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