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Comprehensive list of what in Not supported in Dynatrace with Opentelemetry traces


I spent a lot of time with support just to get answers to particular questions like:
- key request - no way

- metrics - no way

- aggregation - no way

- smartscape - no way


- alerting?

- SLO?

I am a bit tired of guessing and would like to have a simple table of what is supported and what is not supported in comparison to one agent

Maybe I am doing something wrong
but for now, otel in Dynatrace looks pretty useless especially if compared with simple logs capabilities.



Hi @Slawa ,

I do not have such table yet, but can answer a few things for you:
Have you enabled "Unified Service"? See:

This give some better Service view (with e.g. Endpoints), Topology views (smartscape), default anomaly detection rules and based on these anomaly rules will generate problems.

Based on the OpenTelemetry metrics it should be possible to create SLOs, e.g.:

Latency <1s:


Hope this will help.

Kind Regards,
Jeroen Peperkamp

Thank you for answer
I enabled it. Yes it is a bit better.
But just for services level not for traces analysis and aggregation.

Please could you look from the customer's perspective:
- wasting time on instrumentation

- wasting a time for configuration

- paying the same money as for logs

And don't have just any KEY features of Dynatrace which are OOB with One agent.
This looks not like a technical problem but a bold marketing move.

Otel is not in competition with one agent, it is just a last option where one agent is not possible to install like a SaaS product.

- simple key request option 
- multidimensional analysis
- no OBB metrics with attributes ingestion

And what is nice, is there are no words in documentation or commercials about this.

Is there any chance that distributed traces will be migrated to Grail?

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Traces will be eventually migrated into Grail

I have another client, who also shares your frustration with the documentation about OpenTel and the amount of effort it takes them to implement it 


I've also been putting a lot of work in trying to get the Key Requests working in one of my OpenTelemetry traced applications, very disappointing and frustrating that it doesn't seem supported. This post is the only mention I've been able to find that these are incompatible, are there plans to update the Unified Services to support Key Requests and some of these other features?


Q: attributes are not displayed as available columns
A: Just another answer from support:

Hello! I got a response from our internal team. Currently, there is not a way to see span/trace attributes in the columns page of the trace page. That's strictly for different timings. If the OpenTelemetry traces are being ingested by OneAgent installed on a host you will be able to create request attributes from the span attributes and then filter them to the top of the distributed traces page. If the trace are collecting through a collector, then we will need to wait for Traces to be available in a future update. 

I recommend that you post a Product Idea in the Dynatrace Product Ideas forum. Product Ideas posted here are reviewed by Product Management, who will provide feedback on the suggestion and indicate if the RFE is accepted, planned, already implemented, not planned, etc.

Do we have any roadmap for open telemetry support?
Even very simple and standard UI things are not available for now. 

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