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Continuous thread analysis vs. Manual thread dump analysis

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Dear All,

Can we take the on-demand thread dumps?

Can we schedule the thread dumps?

What is the overhead and drawbacks of the continuous thread analysis feature?




I take advantage of this to ask - What is the retaining period of the continuous thread analysis? Is it related to the code-level retaining period? (Purepath)


I am also looking for thread dump creations. looking for update

Naveen Morisetti

Hi, see my reply below! 

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi everyone,

Heres some answers to these old but still relevant questions:

Overhead of continous thread analysis is minimal and the OneAgent itself tracks overhead and will automatically adjust capture rate of thread samples.


Data retention is the same as Distributed Trace Data ( 

There is no way in Dynatrace to trigger a thread dump, also no need for it since with continous thread analysis the OneAgent captures thread dumps all the time automatically.



Hello @josef_schiessl 

There are a few requirements to get the continuous thread analysis benefits. It is not applicable to all environments. So whether Dynatrace will have to change the minimum requirements or they will have to introduce the manual way.



True, if there is a need for the ability to trigger thread dumps via OneAgent, I would suggest to create an RFE in the Product Ideas section!

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