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Correlate PurePath with Session tag


Is there a way to correlate distributed traces to the corresponding user session if any?

The user is looking for ability to open a distributed trace and from within the PurePath page to be able to identify the user name/session tag of that particular session.

I tried looking of option to add session tag as request attribute but it does not make much sense there.

Any recommendations?

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Since you can create user actions properties base on request attributes... I think I will continue with that way.

I hope someone can provide a better solution.

Best regards

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I think this will be my approach too.
Using a specific header can also do the trick.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @mkulov 
As far as I know, that doesn't exist (yet).
But I think the solution to all this will be Business Event.🤓

My reason is the following ( Mobile):
Currently, the monitoring of RUM (Frontend) and Services (Backend) manages to have the necessary propagation to relate that information and show the user action in the trace.



The value of the UserTag is not associated with a user action, so it may not have a direct relationship to the trace.
However, with Business Event you can send the UserName value and any other important value from "RUM" and dynatrace then propagate the Service information and perhaps another additional value.

The necessary connection can be had to exploit that information and/or relationship.
Being able to access Session and Trace information from the Business Event.


It is something that I think could be possible in some way, but I have not been able to validate it yet.

But I do see the power of what dynatrace is capable of doing 💪


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