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Create a metric based on URL fragment


In our web application, the user authentication is done by a 3rd party OIDC login server that we don't have full control over.  At the end of the login process, there is a redirect back to the monitored app like this: .

I'd like to create a custom metric to count logins, based on the presence of #id_token in the URL.  Since it's a bookmark link, it's in the action details but it doesn't go to the webserver, only visible from the client side.  I couldn't find an obvious way to filter based on the presence of a fragment name?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

I added it as a query string property, but it's not getting captured.  If I can't track it coming back in from the login server, is there any easy way to track it on the way out (redirect to outbound link to

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