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Create request naming rule based on particular called web service within a request



I want to make request naming rule to split a request to be new request

Here is a request named "/bii-rib-ESBUAT/ib104/", but I want to split this request when calling web service eChannelService like in below capture

Is it possibe to create this one ? I try to explore, but I don't see any option to create condition like this



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is possible to rename this single request as needed and can be done via the Settings> Server-side Service Monitoring>Request Naming. If you want to keep the naming but have the option to filter off that highlighted metadata, then you can also use the Request Attribute to define that value out. This can also be done from the Settings>Server-Side Service Monitoring>Request Attribute.


I try to create request attribute, but nothing option like web service endpoint, can you give me a solution for this ?

I've used AppMon before, I using Business Transaction to filter URI "/bii-rib-ESBUAT/ib104/" and web service endpoint

But in the Dynatrace, I dont know much how to create this like in AppMon

Hi @Muhammad N.

In order to create RA with web service end point you can use one of the Web Request URL attribute source.

After you will crate the RA you can search the RA from the services filter and see the service that "catch" the RA setting, usually its take 2-4 minutes till you see data.

Once you get into a service that do show your RA you will see under dynamic web request a new tab for RA and if you will expend it from the right arrow you will see the different values.

More details you can find within documentation



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Hi @Yos N.

I try create a request attribute with source Web Request URL, below is my request attribute setting

But in the result, this request attribute capture from web request url from this own service, not the called web request/service

How I expected the result is to capture a particular called web request/service in this request

I want to capture this

Can you help me how to configure it ?


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