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Custom action created with OneAgent in .NET MAUI app sends incorrect action name


I have an Enterprise implementation of Dynatrace that we're trying to hook up using OneAgent in a .NET MAUI application.

I'm trying to submit a custom action (see doc here) when a button is pressed in the application. I can see the user session and action come in on the Dynatrace server. But the action name I'm submitting on the client-side is not the action I'm seeing on the server side. For instance, see code below. The action name is "Tap to confirm".


using Dynatrace.MAUI;

IRootAction myAction = Agent.Instance.EnterAction("Tap on Confirm");
//Perform the action and whatever else is needed.


When the user action shows up on the server under my session, it comes in with an action name that I had in my code base originally, but there is no reference at all in the app for. I originally started with the action name "Loading ApplicationName", but made sure that I've removed all references to that action from the app. Yet, this is the only action name that ever shows up on the server stream and dashboard. 

I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling, using different devices and cleaning and rebuilding my .NET MAUI app. None of this helped.

Any ideas if the first action I ever sent is getting cached somewhere on the server? Or any suggestions on how to fix?



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