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Custom log source


Hello, good day, I have a problem ingesting logs, within the laboratory I have been doing tests, meeting the following conditions:

that the file is encoded in utf-8, that the file contains the .log extension, that it has sufficient permissions to be read

but in dynatrace it shows me the following message (No log data available)


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Please check your log file entries, and see if they are dated. Dynatrace will not inject formatted logs way into the past. Try editing the last date with a current date/time to see if it appears in Dynatrace.

Antonio Sousa

Thank you very much, it was really very helpful, I am currently reading the logs I had to prove that I basically took them from the Linux syslog, but the logs from the production environment have the following timestamp, which I understand is another limitation.
[Thr 140022968440576] <<- ERROR: Sap*******************
[Thr 140022968440576] *** ERROR => Icm*************************

I have been investigating if there is a way to define the custom timestamp but I can't find anything about it, do you know if there is something to customize that parameter?

I see that dynatrace offers a few formats but it does not fit into any that dynatrace provides


/var/log/syslog and similar, are known for having different logging formats. Out of curiosity, what distro are you taking those 2 log entris from?

Antonio Sousa

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