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Cylance Antivirus blocking the restart of IIS App Pool

We are facing an issue with the pending restarts of the services after installing the agent. The services are IIS app pool.
We identified that the antivirus Cylance is bloking the restart, we added all of dynatrace files (folders program files and program data) in the excluded rule for scanning, but we are still having the problem. Maybe someone have face same issues with this antivirus and the agent?.


The OS is Windows and the version of the antivirus is 3.0.1005 Protect y optics 2.5.3010.


Thanks in advanced.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

we had a similar issue where we needed the security to white-list the folder tree. Ultimately it took us working one on one with them to ensure the security tool wasn't blocking and don't be surprised if over time those crops back up and you need to sync up with security again. 


Thanks Chad,  

That is exactly the issue that we are facing right now.. it was working find for at least 4 months. We will check again with security.. 

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