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Did Dynatrace Outage impact Customer applications?


Our web and mobile applications that have the OneAgent monitors experienced an authentication outage during the entire Dynatrace outage and only became available once Dynatrace fixed their issue.  We didn't expect an agent to impact our systems like this.  Did anyone else experience issues with systems monitored by Dynatrace during the outage??  Our applications that didn't include DT agents continued to work without issue during the DT outage.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


We are a Dynatrace partner and have access to multiple client tenants. We did not see any problem from the Dynatrace monitoring, at least until now. Do you have access to the data collected during the whole episode, or are there gaps in the data? If so, is it both at an infrastructure & full-stack level?

Antonio Sousa

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