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Disk latency on AIX


On host page, for RHEL system, there is a metric "Disk latency" but on AIX system it only show dash "-" for disk latency. I have checked the blog and document, it seems that the disk metrics for AIX are throughput, disk space usage and Inodes available.

Does anyone know where can I get the disk latency on AIX? Thank you.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Disk Latency is not available thru OneAgent on AIX.

OK, Thanks!

is this a thing that is being worked on? knowing the Disk Latency is important for Database servers.




Disk Latency is available on the latest version of the oneagent - if you still do not see the metrics I would recommend reaching out to support

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Chad, Can you please share any relevant document or any detail that states about Dynatrace supporting Disk Latency on AIX. It would be really helpful as there are multiple questions asked for the same.

Hi @Chad T., do you have any more information on this? In what OneAgent version has disk latency support for AIX been added?

With Oneagent 1.185 and above and the most recent cluster version. the following is available for disks:


Thank you @Chad T. However, when I go to "Edit" and then "Anomaly detection" on an AIX host in Dynatrace, I do not have a "Disk" related settings section. In addition, I also do not see any graphs related to disk latency for any of the AIX hosts.

I do have all these settings for a regular Linux server though.

Did you take that screenshot from the global anomaly detection settings in Dynatrace? Or are that also the settings on a specific AIX host?

that was from going into the host and selecting to adjust the thresholds from automatic to custom


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