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Display results as Table vs. Chart


Can we display the results as table with 5 min points
summarized vs. chart?
thought for sure we could do this but now that I try can’t’ seem to make it
work. We essentially want to see this view in table so we can do counts
and send information to vendors or other end. So
for this example a 5 min internal line that says 509 requests 122ms – then we
can add the columns/filter for type of service calls



Hi Alicia,

You cannot show this as a table in the Dynatrace UI, but you could use the API to pull down the information you are looking for and put it into a table yourself. This is a bit more manual work, but could be done.

More information on the API can be found here: . You will want to look in the "Time Series" section for more information on how to pull the metrics you are looking for.

Hope this helps some,


Thanks we had found that also, any ideas if this is something coming in future? we have a lot of users and even ourselves where this be easier to pull in UI than this method.

Hi Alicia,

I am not sure on the answer to that, but I think you have a good use case and adding this as a request for enhancement would be a good idea. You can do that on the Product Ideas forum here:

Sorry I cannot provide an exact answer, but if I hear anything about this exact feature I will be sure to respond.

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