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Dividing OneAgents (or hosts) into groups


Is there an option to pass a custom label when installing OneAgent, so the agents (or their hosts) can be separated into different groups in dashboard? I see a hidden option HOST_GROUP in the installation script, but it appears not supported ...


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Alexandre, we are indeed working on the host groups concept. It can already be enabled for your environment, but it is by default disabled.

It allows you to specify the host group when installing OneAgent. All process groups and services are then specific to a host group. So if you have two different host groups like PROD and STAGING with the same processes and services, then Dynatrace will split these into process groups and services specific to either PROD or STAGING. This way you can configure services and process groups for STAGING and PROD differently.

We are still working on a mechanism that allows you to configure host groups, so that all hosts of a host group can be configured as one, once that is available, the host groups feature will be publicly available.

To enable this feature now for your environment, please reach out to

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