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Documentation of Database Supported

Hi, first time I asked in this forum, and I hope my question is relevant.

I've been going through the documentation of SaaS/Managed and try to look for what version of DB2 is supported.

But it seems like what databases are supported also dependent on the technology/platform you use in the app tier, is that correct? Or I have somehow misread the doc, or read the documentation the wrong way?

The way I read it, under each technology (please refer to the screenshot I attached), it would list out the supported database.

If this is true, it means for SaaS/Managed it would depends on the DB framework instead of DB type. (which is unlike AppMon and DCRUM--where you depends on DB type/technology, not framework). Is my understanding correct?

I have a client using Managed which claim that DB2 of version 11 is auto-discovered, but not for version 12. So I go and Ctrl-F 'DB2' in the documentation, eventually found out that I even have problem to understand the documentation.

Appreciate if anyone could correct me, or help me out here.

Best Regards,

Wai Keat



We have two kinds of database monitoring.

1)Monitoring from app tier perspective

This monitoring is based on Java,PHP, .Net and Node.js agents, in order to monitor databases they need to support appropriate databases “drivers”. Those agents create database services which could be found under Databases position in menu. @Michael K. what are our plans for DB2?

2) Monitoring from database perspective (independently from app tire)

Extensions monitor databases directly.
Their metrics could be found in Technologies section.

Hi Jakub,

If I understand you correctly:

1) The first method (the 'drivers' method) doesn't need us to install OneAgent in the server machine that host the database service, it almost works like how Java/.NET/PHP AppMon Agent discover the database service before DB agent is introduced in AppMon6.3 and later, is that correct?

2) The second method would need us to install OneAgent in the machine that host the database service, is that correct?

The situation for my client now is the second case, machines that host DB service are installed with OneAgent. Those agent in machine with DB2 version 11 are giving back host metric and database visibility; those agent in machine with DB2 version 12 are only giving back host metric but no database service is auto-discovered.


Hello Wai,

1) yes very similar to Java/.NET/PHP AppMon Agent

2) it needs OneAgent in the machine that host the database service

How do you understand database visibility, you see on host with DB2 version 11 DB2 process and it is invisible on on host with DB2 version 12? Could you share client tenant id?

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