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Does Dynatrace OneAgent monitor MSMQ? We don't want use ActiveGate plugins.


In our requirement, need count of messages in Queue and will provide threshold value, if it is greater than that threshold value, need to send an alert. is it possible with OneAgent or not. i saw by using Activegate plugins, will achieve. But in our case we don't want install Activegate unnecessarily in all our hosts.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


Instead of using ActiveGate plugins, what about using OneAgent plugins? Then it is enough to install the OneAgent on the host together with the plugin. and you're good to go.

If you are interested but don't have the time to develop such a plugin yourself, you can reach out to our services department for help as we already have experience with OneAgent plugins for MSMQ.



Thanks for quick response Michael. Can you please provide OneAgent plugin for MSMQ. I don't know how to contact with service department team.

Hi Hari,

Please reach out to your Dynatrace account manager as there will be a cost involved in using our services.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply. We connected with Help desk team of Dynatrace, But they are saying that, don't have any OneAgent plugin for MSMQ. Please find the screenshot for your reference.

I contacted Myrvin to clear up the misunderstanding. We do not have a free version, but he can bring you in contact with the services department.

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