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Does Dynatrace have any experience with the Nostrum Loan Management SaaS Platform.


Trying to find the best way to monitor this type of SaaS platform as there is no possibility of adding oneagent. How have people done this in the past (with similar payment checking systems) is Synthetic the only/goto route in these cases?



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Ray,
I don't know the Nostrum Loan Managment SaaS platform, but beside using Web checks (synthetic) to monitor the availability and get at least some performance data, there might be other real user monitoring possibilities. Some of these SaaS vendor apps offer the possibility to add JavaScript snippets or tags which could be used to add the Dynatrace real user monitoring tag.
If this is not possible there is an other option. We are currently running an early access program called "SaaS vendor real user monitoring" where we offer a browser extension to inject our real user monitoring JavaScript code directly through the browser.
If you are interested in this early access program and want more information, please contact your primary contact at Dynatrace or give me a hint and I will contact you.

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