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Does Dynatrace managed / SaaS has the support for IBM AS/400 systems?


Does Dynatrace manged / SaaS model has support for IBM AS/400? since we are using some backend systems that these AS/400 involve in handling certain transactions for card payments and some utility services. Your feedback is highly appreciated.



There's an ActiveGate extension for that, which basically means that it's monitored remotely via an ActiveGate plugin. I haven't used this myself, but the documentation here describes what sort of metrics are collected:

This extension does only collect metrics. Unfortunately it won't give you any code level insights or transaction tracking (PurePaths).

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Thanks a lot for the update and it's really helpful for me to present first cut info to my management on the AS/400.

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DynaMight Legend

Thats correct. As @Julius L. stated, it only collected data on metrics. This is an API Custom Extension that polls the data surrounding disk, Memory, CPU and so on. In Essence, it is 1/2 stack monitoring.


Thanks Chad for your feedback. Just wondering if it would cost additional licenses if I want to install activegate on AS/400 system. Since, we have already quoted licenses required for our mobile platform and there'a change request from the customer to include AS/400 monitoring on DT. Please advise.




Extensions consume different type of license called DDU now (was metric).

The amount of consumption depend on:

  • Number of Hosts
  • Average # of Jobs to be monitored per Host
  • Avg. # of CPUs to be monitored per Host
  • Avg. # of Disks to be monitored per Host
  • Avg. # of Memoy pools to be monitored per Host
  • Avg. # of Job queues to be monitored per Host
  • Avg. # of Message queues to be monitored per Host

Consult your dynatrace salesman for more information



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