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​Does OneAgent modify the transaction data other than JavaScript tag of RUM and HTTP headers?



We have a customer who is planning to deploy OneAgent to their large environment.
They are considering that how OneAgent affects their system.

We know that OneAgent injects JavaScript tag into the HTML on web/AP servers. OneAgent also injects some HTTP headers(ex: X-OneAgent-JS-Injection). I think this means that OneAgent can modify the transaction data itself and actually do that.

Like the Javascript tag injection and HTTP headers, could you tell me whether there is any case that OneAgnet modifies the transaction data?

I would like to consider what items to test based on the answers.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

For Remoting calls (WebServices, etc), Dynatrace can also add additional header data which helps stitch together the purepath across tiers. But Dynatrace does not modify the application data itself.

Thank you for your response.

"For Remoting calls (WebServices, etc),"

Could you tell me what kind of case is there?
We need the information to decide what we test after deploy.

I'm not sure what else you need. For WebService calls, additional headers are added to the request. I suggest testing functionality to ensure all remoting calls are exercised. I assume you perform basic end-end functionality for each deployment.

Hi Joseph,
Thank you for your response.

When we plan to deploy OneAgents to the customer environment, we need to test to check whether the application runs correctly. Ideally, it is better to check all of the transactions for all of the points that we can image. But it takes too much cost and time. Therefore, we want to narrow down the points we test as much as possible.

We would like to know what headers OneAgent adds to which technology. Especially, we would like to know about MQ and SQL. Or are the additional headers added to only WebService calls(HTTP)?

If we can know what headers will be added, we can forecast the impact on the system in advance. I believe that it will be possible to understand what should be focused on in the tests.

Thanks, Noah

Noah, I suggest you reach out to the DynatraceOne team for this level of detail. They can be reached using your Live Chat feature in the upper right corner of your GUI.

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