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Does Webcheck capture the screen dynamically


I have created availablity & clickpath webcheck for some URLs. I scheduled the test to run for after every 15 minute. If the content on the page (the one for which I have created webcheck) is changing after every 5 mnute. Will dynatrace capture the screen with new content after every run.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Suresh,

great question. Currently Dynatrace stores screenshots for
browser monitors (previously web checks) once a day. In case of failures screenshots
are captured for every execution. Also, if the configuration of a monitor
changes, a fresh screenshot is taken.

We store screenshots on success only once a day because of storage
reasons. However, I agree that there are cases where taking screenshots
on every run is helpful and we are thinking about offering this on demand. Do
you think this is something where you would be ok with using additional
synthetic credits when enabled for specific browser monitors?

Kind regards, Philipp

Thanks Philipp,
Yesterday I ran into a problem where home page of application loaded with some missing tab .In that case if I had screenshot of the current run at that time I can verify that this is the same problem dynatrace detected. So definetely this is going to help me.

I will let you know If we require this feature.