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Does dynatrace managed provide monitoring for data grids and Kafka?



Couple of questions,

> We are looking to monitor a java application which is using a data grid (For example, infinispan). Can some one point me to any examples or blog on what can be monitored in the data grids using dynatrace managed.

> What type of monitoring is available to monitor Kafka. Similarly please point me to some good blogs on the same.

Thanks in Advance.




Welcome to the Dynatrace community.

The Dynatrace OneAgent runs on the Operating System level and automatically detects rich and connected data on the infrastructure and all running processes, including:-

  • Log Files
  • Process Health (e.g. JVM heap, Garbage Collection, Suspension Time)
  • Deployment/Application events (restarts, new releases, crashes etc.)
  • CPU Code-level Hotspots for optimisation
  • Network Dependencies and Health

With regards to Infinispan, the above is the minimum amount of visibility you will receive. However, as it often runs in a JBoss application server and is 'transactional', you may get transaction visibility, too. This would include requests, metadata, throughput, response times and failure rates (these are also automatically baselined by our AI).

With regards to Kafka, we will provide the insight as listed above, but we also have a pre-built Kafka 'plugin' - - this is an example of a custom plugin which extends your monitoring visibility into technologies which expose useful data via Mbeans.

Here is a blog which explains this in more detail, with some good examples.

I hope this answers your questions


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