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Drill down to Purepath NOT available for Android App


Hi Folks,

We have instrumented an Android app using Dynatrace Gradle plugin but we are unable to drill down to the pure path of the relevant user actions network request refer below snapshot

Note: We have installed OneAgent in all the servers of the Application



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello, when you are looking on application view, do you see connected service?

Or there is nothing (right bottom).


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

In called services, I am able to see the web service is getting called and in service flow, I am able to get the complete service flow from App=>Web=>Appserver=>db but not able to drill down from user actions to purepath.

My application calls to two different application services.

1)Used to validate User details

2) Main application service for rest of the transactions

for the first service, I am able to see the view purepath button to drill down purepath, but for the main service I am not able to drill down to purepath.

Ok I understand I just wanted to check if dyntatrace is able to tag those user actions. Another test. Go to service that is called by your application, then check backtrace and look at user actions that are responsible for those calls. Then check if you see purepaths on them.


Regards, Sebastian

In backtrace of the called web server service, I am able to see some user actions but not able to drill down to purepath. Also, I observed that in some instance user actions and pure paths are getting stitched but its like only 5-10% of the network requests are getting stitched with pure paths. In backtrace, most of the user actions are in URI form not in the actual user action like "touch on **"

This is unusual as for my other application I am able to see view purepath button for all the network requests.

I have a doubt is this something related to Adaptive capture controle as My application has a throughput of 24.9k/min