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DynaTrace can't find dockerized database




I seeking a valuable help. Currently I'm trying to PoC DynaTrace.

I have try to monitoring Nodejs app which run on host using basic node command which connect to postgresql running in docker container with two simple api endpoint to insert and fetch data.


I'm working find with app monitoring except on the dashboard Dynatrace doesn't show app has connect to the database. My question is how do I setup Dynatrace to recognize pgsql inside docker container as a database services.


oneAgent install on host following the standards guideline download file with wget and execute using Linux


Please try check my screentshot. 


Frequent Guest

Hi Gauss,


Regarding on your screenshot, I found no requests for over 2 days. You can use timeframe selector on the top right side to change your timeframe more than 2 days and see the result.


Anyway, If it's still nothing show up, could you please let me know your node.js version and postgresql version?


I'm sure the deployment process has no problem, because you can see the service level already. And database calls that are made through monitored Java, .NET, PHP and Node.js processes are monitored automatically as long as the interaction with the database relies on a supported database framework, such as JDBC, ADO.NET, or PDO. No need to do anything on the database side.


Best regards,

Phathit C.

DPM Thailand

Hi Phathit,


Thanks for your answer, For node it's 16.17.1 and for Postgresql I use image from Bitnami with this version 15.


The reason that there is no request for 2 days is just I haven't test. It's just a PoC environment. but I do sure its is the same that the agent can't track the database.



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