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Dynatrace 7.2 to one agent dynatrace mapping.




As BT- transaction and services



Hello Karthika,

One of the great things about Dynatrace is that a large portion of the features is automatically instrumented. There is very little you need to configure on your own. My suggestion would be to sign up for a trial version to get a better idea of how this works.

For Sensors, the OneAgent runs on the host rather than a JVM or process so it captures the requests across the host. Placing sensors is a thing of the past. Check out the list of technologies and the support matrix here:

For Measures, similar to sensors the necessity to define individual measures has greatly deminished. If you need additional information there is the possibility to create request attributes:

BTs are also not necessary in Dynatrace. There are a host of metrics that are provided via the Dynatrace login and this combined with the AI allows you to not depend on BTs and manual focused monitoring in the future. Setting a Key request is a feature that allows you to track individual requests and provides additional control for charting and anomaly detection:

Again, my suggestion is to use the trial to get a taste of Dynatrace so you can get accustomed to the flows there.


David Nicholls