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Dynatrace AppMon vs Dynatrace


We're starting a migration from AppMon to Dynatrace here...

Each time I need to explain to the current AppMon users that there is a new Dynatrace platform that is way better, that it is a completly re-written application based on AI, etc

Is there a link or a short video that I could share with them that would explain the reasons why a new Dynatrace platform was built?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Michael,

Dynatrace was build from the ground up to provide software intelligence for the enterprise cloud. It would be good to explain to them that Dynatrace contains the majority of the features in AppMon, as well as the additional functionalities of monitoring cloud platforms, microservices and containers, and AI driven problem detection with root cause analysis. This comes from our OneAgent which automatically detects processes and technologies on a host (no more individual agent per technology!).

Here is a short video which touches upon the above points.

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