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Dynatrace Extension hub: How-to estimate and plan DDU consumption ?



How to plan and estimate the DDU consumption in terms of custom-metrics ?

For exemple for the extension "Microsoft Exchange Server" ( It says "Metric Metadata 35" : does it mean it will consume 35 metrics per minute ? I.e. 35 * 60 min * 24h * 365 days * 0.001 DDU = 18'396 DDU / an ?

Same question for



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @gilles_tabary,

Your estaimation is correct.

1 metric data point × 60 min × 24 h × 365 days × 0.001 = 525.6 DDUs per metric/year.

DDUs for metrics - Dynatrace Docs

I hope it helps.

Best regards,


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DynaMight Guru

Hi @gilles_tabary 

Planning and estimating DDU consumption for custom metrics, such as those from extensions like Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory Services in Dynatrace, involves understanding the metric generation rate and applying it to the DDU cost model


  1. If the "Metric Metadata 35" means it generates 35 metrics per minute, this is your starting point.
  2. Annual DDU Calculation:
  •    35 metrics/minute
  •    Each metric is reported every minute
  •    60 minutes in an hour
  •    24 hours in a day
  •    365 days in a year
  •    0.001 DDU is the cost per metric

  Formula: Metrics/minute×minutes/hour×hours/day×days/year×DDU cost/metric

   Calculation for "Exchange": 35×60×24×365×0.001

Active Directory Services

You need to determine the number of metrics generated per minute for this extension. Once you have this figure, you can apply the same formula.

  1. Ensure whether the metric count is an average or represents peak usage, as this will impact the estimate.
  2. DDUs are typically pooled at the account level in Dynatrace, so consumption across all services and extensions contributes to the total usage.
  3. It's often prudent to add a safety margin to your estimates to account for unforeseen spikes in data.

DDU consumption for the Microsoft Exchange Server as per your example:

For this extension in Dynatrace, with a rate of 35 metrics per minute, the estimated annual DDU consumption would be approximately 18,396 DDUs. - like you wrote

For planning the DDU consumption for the Active Directory Services extension, you would follow the same approach. First, determine the number of metrics generated per minute by this extension, and then apply the same formula to estimate the annual DDU usage.


Have a nice day!

  1. If the "Metric Metadata 35" means it generates 35 metrics per minute, this is your starting point.

This is actually the crux of my  question. Is it really only 35 metrics ? How can be sure there is not more ? Is it per minute ? Or per 5 minutes ? Or per hour ?

No, this is the example you cited. There are more metrics and it all depends on how many you choose and at what intervals and dimensions you ask for them.

Have a nice day!

So how do I know and plan for one given existing Dynatrace Hub extension I don't develop  Say "Microsoft Exchange Server" ( ?

  • is it per 1 minute or per 5 minutes or per 15 minutes or per other rate ?
  • is it 35 new custom metrics or more ?
  • I don't understand : are these parameters I can or must chose on an extension coming from Dynatrace Hub, which I don't develop ?

This is quite confusing.

This is a blocking question : if I cannot plan DDU consumption, I don't install at all for it may burn my entire DDU allocation in hours (we already faced that unfortunately).


What puzzles me is

  • the word "metadata" in "Metric Metadata" : what does this mean ? Is it simply a metric or something else ? Is there some "metadata" ddu costs to be added on top of plain metric ddu costs ?
  • the absence of rate : I can't find whether it is per 1 minute or per 5 minutes or per 15 minutes or per other rate ?

Thanks so much for feedback.

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