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Dynatrace Manage Self Monitoring not working


Hi , in CMC console we have configured SMTP email configuration and email recipient to get DT manage component related alerts but we are not receiving any alerts .Kindly help .


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

What exactly have you configured. Under SMTP Server settings you can send a a test email to the test recipient which is how you know it is actually set up properly (once you receive it), but this alone doesn't set up notifications. The Email notifications setting under that is where you say who should be getting cluster alerts.

If you have the above set up, what alerts are you expecting to get notified on? It's possible there just weren't any events that would trigger a notification.

Consider posting anonymized screenshots to show what you have filled out as well.



Hi James , in CMC ->Email Notification we have configured our email id to get alerted for all cluster node , environment account related alerts. but we are not getting any alert , even we rebooted our nodes couple of times to test it but no luck. We have received test email without any issue , even tenant related emails we are getting .

I'm still going to bet it's just the case that there haven't been any events that would send out an alert. Only severe cluster events which you can see in the events section or update issues have ever sent me alerts - I'm not aware of a complete set of what events will trigger alerts though, maybe someone else has that.

Also keep in mind that especially if you're using a single node cluster I don't see how it could alert on itself being down. Maybe the behavior is different in a multi-node cluster though I don't know for sure.


@James K. it is 2 node cluster.

Ok - that was just a thought.

Also, unrelated but generally a 2 node cluster isn't ideal if you're looking for high availability. 3 nodes is the recommended setup - this is related to best practices regarding distributed systems like Dynatrace. A 2 node cluster can help with horizontal scaling but for HA it isn't as useful.

@ James , it is test environment . We are looking for emails for all severe errors in CMC

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