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Dynatrace Managed Cluster


Hi , can someone please help me understand Managed failover mechanism . the explanation in document is confusing .

Is it correct to say that incase of a node failure , I will be able to have details of user session and metrics . However , transactional data will be lost for the time when node was down?

What is the replication factor of 3 means?


Thanks in advance.



Hello @SB_12 

Quick summary - If you have 3node servers if say 1node is down. Still Dynatrace is capable to monitor with 2node servers.


Latency required is 10ms across 3node servers to sync between them. When a transaction is monitored its evenly distributed across 3nodes. So that no data are missed even if you have large volume of data coming to node servers.


Note- If their is high latency between Node servers. Then case can be upside down.




hi , thanks for your reply. So that means that Transactional data will not be completely captured incase one of the nodes get down. 

Metrics and user session will be available on either of the two nodes( which are up) . 

Yes. In any case one of your node goes down. Still data is available on other node servers




@SB_12 hope this helped.


Ideally for critical environments you should have at least 3 servers to work properly. We have managed and 3 servers, very recently one of the disks of 1 server was corrupted and we had to repair it together with the system administrators. If we did not have 3 nodes and only 1, we would lose all the data. 100% recommended to have 3 nodes. NOTE, latency is important as well as time synchronization or time zone, you must use NTP.