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Dynatrace - Request Attributes - Java Methods - Drill Down PurePaths




I've just created some sensors on classes which implements EJBs to see them at code-level in the Purepaths because by default , they were not visible in the PurePaths:



Then thing is that I am looking for these methods but I am not able to Drill Down from them to the PurePath. I am attempting to aproche it from Diagnostic Tools , selecting Process Group and then, trying to Drill Down to PurePaths:




This operations is not available , from the EJB I cannot drill down to the PurePaths.



In AppMon it was easy from Methods Dashlets to Drill Down to PurePaths, do you know how this operation can be reached from Dynatrace?


Thanks in advance.





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In AppMon there was really powerful drill down, in dynatrace it works different. If you create sensor via Request Attribute to make such methods visible, you shouldn’t try to go to purepath from method hotspots. You should go to Diagnostic Tools -> top Web requests. There you will have option of filtering requests by request attribute. You can pick the one correlated to your sensors and you will have option to drill down to all purepaths that contains it.


Regards, Sebastian

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