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Dynatrace SaaS Trial - Easy Travel - Javascript injection error


I am running a trial version of Dynatrace SaaS. I installed the easy travel demo application on my PC with the one agent monitoring the application. However I keep seeing you dont have any monitored applications on the dynatrace console. Also when i started UEM injections, it says the injections failed. On further investigation i found that it has a 403 forbidden error when trying to download the ruxitagent script. Could somebody tell me how I can get it to download please?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

EasyTravel is not a 'normal' application and generates it's own transactions to simulate traffic from around the world on a variety of devices. As such, injecting into it takes a slight additional step.

On the EasyTravel demo webpage, there's a section that describes how to modify EasyTravel config file to hook it up to your SaaS tenant.

Then scroll down to the "Connecting EasyTravel to Dynatrace" section. The file you'll be editing can be easily accessed from the EasyTravel Config GUi page. In the upper right corner, select the Gear and select "Show Properties", which will open the properties file in a text editor.

You may also have to change the config.apmServerDefault parameter in this same file. It should be set to "APM". I don't recall if this is the default.

Let us know if this works.


Thanks Joseph. I had already done that. I have attached a screenshot of the error I am seeing when easytravel tries to download

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This may be an issue with the build of EasyTravel you're using. Can you try to download the latest version and see if the issue goes away? The latest version is build 3058.


@Joseph M. H.

That worked! Thank you.

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