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Dynatrace Supportability for Orleans based .net applications

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Does dynatrace supports orleans based applications. we are facing issues w.r.t E2E tracing.

Please find the below example:

Microservice A: No orleans used

Microservice B:  orleans based application

Microservice C: No orleans used


Calling Flow:    A->B->C.

Microservice B invokes a Microservice C using the Orleans Grains.


  Out of 1000 transactions to A in the flow B to C, we have only 10% of transactions have E2E tracing of A->B->C and rest of 90% of calls just ended with A->B, but we when we check Microservice C all the transactions are available with back trace to B having only 10% and rest have just same client ip but no back trace available.


I assume this as in between B and C the header with traceid is stripped of for 90% transactions, but if it is orleans supportability issue all calls shouldn't have E2E traces.


Please help with info if anyone have faced same issue faced and resolved it. 


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I am not able to understand your reply. What exact steps i have to do get all transactions E2E traces?



Kindly raise a support ticket, team would be able to help you with the right oneagent repo which can be used for installation on the host to support orleans, there was a git repo oneagent which mentioned configuration for olrleans.

I am not sure, but it should support with custom oneagent.


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