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Dynatrace Vulnerabilities


Hi Team

Just wanted to ask if there is a way we can get a exported report of all the Vulnerabilities in Dynatrace again the Host Name?


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Hey sumitlut,

You can export all vulnerabilities through the API and in the request filter by host name. This is documented here: Security problems API - GET all problems | Dynatrace Docs

Hope this helps!

Hi Fin_Ubels,

Thanks for the reply. I have created the API access token, but unable to find the correct parameter to apply the filter for all the problems against the hostname. If you have any insight on that that would be really appreciated. 

Hey sumitlut,
On that API documentation page it details the problem selector syntax. Having a look through there are 3 filters which would likely work well for you. Best to try it out in the API tester in the tenant as its super easy to change parameters on the fly and test all of this.



Thanks a lot for the reply @Fin_Ubels. After testing and playing around those parameters, I have reached only to a level where I can create 1 excel for each hostName with all the vulnerabilities. But it seems like I cannot create just one excel sheet with added extra property (column) of hostNames along with all the vulnerabilities. 

Sorry I'm not too familiar with importing JSON into excel to create a report but by using the relatedHostNames parameter you can specify multiple hostnames and it should export all of them. Good luck!