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Dynatrace easyTravel BookingService Dollar Amount

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Currently we're set up with Dynatrace SaaS monitoring easyTravel and building a custom dashboard. After hitting the application with a few requests, we came across the dollar amount for the BookingService Service (when the user hits 'Finish' to finalize their payment) which includes the dollar amount for the transaction.

To put this in easy-to-understand terms for a business customer, we felt being able to display the monetary value of an application, in this case easyTravel, is producing over a period of time. The below steps are to help explain how we reached where we are currently stuck in being able to give a business user of Dynatrace a quick view on how much revenue their application is producing. In AppMon it was easy to create tile as a "meter" or "gauge".

In the below screenshot this is highlighted:

A Request Attribute was created to go after the dollar value following the "amount=" text in the URI as seen below

Moving onto the graphical representation of the Request Attribute which was named "GetBookingAmount", we would like to be able to give someone on the business side the ability to quickly tell how much money is being generated with the easyTravel application. The below graph is as close as we can get a visual, however this is still not clearly showing the summation amount for a specific time frame. Is there a way to show this in a meter or gauge type of graph?




The User SQL (uSQL) can do something like that for you, there is a sum feature there. I know there is an EAP program that allows you to have access to creating uSQL queries in the Dynatrace UI and create charts of them. For now, the uSQL is available via the API and can be used to capture metrics from the frontend perspective. I think they are working on allowing backend references like your request attribute as well. Check it out here:


David Nicholls

USQL is not an option here, since this is a request attribute, not user session property or user action property. At the moment you can use USQL only with user sessions. (EAP is already closed, USQL should be in public beta very soon).

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

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@David N.

Thanks for the reply, but @Július L. is correct, EAP is currently closed.

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Just to follow up on this, I found the following vid where John Kelly goes into advanced dashboards. He creates a Request Attribute for "Dollar Amount" @ about 15:00 into the video.

After watching this, I was able to use the User Sessions Query and create a USQL statement such as the following:

select SUM(doubleProperties.revenue) AS Dollars FROM usersession

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