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Dynatrace is Free for Lifetime (5 Agents). Can anyone let me know from where i can get this details in dynatrace. Also is this is available for Saas version or AppMon ?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I think that you can only used this licence for AppMon. You just need to sign up for the free trial license. After 30 days the same key that you have installed will just continue to work. The only limitation is that from now on appmon will only allow "localhost" agent connections.

For AppMon, it's no longer possible to start a trial.

For Dynatrace SaaS you have a 15 day trial license from the moment you register.



Have a nice day!

From free Dynatrace SaaS for 14 days , for how many hosts i can perform the monitoring? for only 1 or more than 1.

Sorry 15 days 🙂 You can monitored more than one host:)

Have a nice day!


I think we should get a lifetime of either managed or SaaS for EasyTravel just to be able to play with new features and demo existing ones for our employers.

For SaaS it would be hard because for each tenant dynatrace has to pay bills to amazon

Regards, Sebastian


You are right about the managed license then? Having a lifetime license just to be able to instrument EasyTravel locally would be what I'm after. I love plugin development kind of work and would like to try out new features as they come out. All this work is iterative and an environment that just vanishes every 2 weeks is not conducive to deep problem solving and understanding of the product.


Did this ever lead anywhere? Now more than ever DT seems like a broad enough platform to benefit immensely from the community developer support a free EasyTravel managed license would yield.

Yes, you can register a free developer SaaS instance here: 

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