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Dynatrace problem creation and resolution delays


We are having a issue that there is a delay of around 2 minutes in problem creation and 7 minutes in problem resolution.

The time shown in problem is accurate but we will receive email notification and problem is created in Dynatrace after 2 minutes.

The issue is same for resolution but here delay is 7 minutes. The problem is resolved at 16:49 but we receive email and problem is resolved in Dynatrace is 16:55 .

Could you please help us how can we resolve this?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The defined sliding observation window of an event in Dynatrace typically is 2 out of 5 minutes. Which results in a delay of 2 min minimum for the alert.

In case you want to alert within 1 minute, you can choose a custom alert type in global settings > anomaly detection > custom events for alerting and set it to 1 out of 3 minutes.

This event should open within 1 minute and close within 3 minutes.

Please note that at least 1 minute has to be used as minimum observation period.

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@Wolfgang B.

What about the resolved problem. It takes 7 minutes to display on dynatrace and for email notification. We can see problem resolved on UI after 7 minutes of actual resolution. As soon as we see on UI, we will be notified.

How to configure this?

Addition to my previous reply, Is there any way we can configure default observation window to 1 minute so we don't need to create custom alert for every problem.

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