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EasyTravel demo application monitoring


Hey All,


This is my first post in this forum.

I recently started learning dynatrace and tried to install easytravel app on my machine

oneagent has detected some proçesses related to easytravel from this machine, however i wonder why easytravel is not appearing as an Application in Dynatrace comsole.


do i have to do something on console to view easytravel as an application.


any help will be appreciated.






DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Application needs to be configured manually. Dynatrace is catching traffic from rum for newly connected applications in default one that has been available from start. If you want have easy travel as separate one you can go to default app => top domains. There you will see all domains caught by Dynatrace. You can create based on them new applications. You can add as well new app from scratch in Settings => web & mobile monitoring. There you have option for applications rules definition.


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for the suggestion, it worked!

I have added the Application detection rule under web & mobile monitoring in Dynatrace and this has sucessfully created an Easytravel application, I could also see that all the services were related to Easytravel application in turn connected to Host.

Just wanted one thing to get clarified:

In what case does Dynatrace detect Application automatically and in what case we have to add detection rule in order to related all related processes/services to application.



On Appmon there was option for enabling autodetection for applications. But on appmon application was something different than in Dynatrace. Here there is no application detection. Alway traffic will appear first in default application. If you want take it out from there, you have to manually create new detection rule, or use option for creating new rule based on detected domains there.

Auto detection domains in default application is the only automatic proces in this case.


Regards, Sebastian

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