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Equivalent in Dynatrace Synthetic of Classic's "network time"


Dynatrace Classic provided a network time metric, as defined here:

Network Time – The total time for the step, from the DNS lookup for the first object downloaded to the last byte downloaded for the last object, excluding any client processing time.

Can the Dynatrace Synthetic API provide this metric, or metrics that may be combined to produce this? We are interested in medians or 50th percentiles.

From everything I've read it would seem that Synthetic's server consumption + network consumption might provide this, but the values that this produces are generally much lower than the network time metric provided by the Classic API.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

there are multiple methods, First you might want to look at you option for the key data:

Let me know if you need any assistance setting this.


Thanks for your reply, Chad, but none of these metrics provide the pure network time that was in both Dynatrace Classic as well as Keynote. Trust me -- I did extensive comparisons during the migration. This is just one of several shortcomings in Dynatrace Synthetic when compared with the old products.

thats understandable. i would recommend creating a RFE/Product Idea and hopefully Dynatrace can build it into the product 🙂


I was told that posting on this community page was the way to submit an RFE/Product idea. Clearly it hasn't gotten much attention. 🙂

OK, thanks. I must have been given bad information.

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