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Exploring Business Transaction


Hi Everybody, I am a new in Dynatrace OneAgent. So, i want to know what is the Business Transaction and Can Dynatrace explore automatically ? And the last question is that can we explore business transaction with code execution method or can we inspect payload of BT ?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


I think I need a little bit more from your background to be able to explain you exactly Bussines Transactions. I think that what you are talking about here, is not Bussines Transactions but just transactions or how in Dynatrace is called "Purepaths".

Once you have the OneAgent installed in your host, it automatically will discover the process that are running and if they are developed in a supported technology(Java,.Net, Node, Go...) the agent will also auto-inject in the process. Then it will start report every single transaction that the process is getting and will create in Dynatrace Purepaths, that will show you each single transaction and also the drilldown to the code that has been invoked.
In youtube you can find a lot of demos and explanations of Dynatrace monitoring. Here is one example that ends up analyzing Purepaths and seeing the executed code (everything discovered with 0 configuration)

Is highly recommended that you see the videos from the Dynatrace University to understand all the pieces and functionalities of Dynatrace.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

But If you have worked before with AppMon (Dynatrace Application Monitoring), there was a functionality called Business Transactions. In Dynatrace there is no a single functionality that has this name at settings menu, but we have most of the functionalities that it provided in AppMon:

Mike Kopp explains it well in this post
* Request Naming which is most akin to BT and BT splitting:

* Multi dimensional analysis:

* Custom Business Errors:

Thank you for your answer. But i have not worked with AppMon before. I examined starter guide on Dynatrace University and i watched videos but i don't understand what is the Business Transaction and Can Dynatrace detect it automatically ? As i understand, Dynatrace detects all transactions automatically, and if i want to define Business Transaction, i configure some rule such as Request Naming Rule, right ?

So to better understand your definition of a Business Transaction, where did you find any reference to "Business Transaction"? Any link to Dynatrace documentation, videos?

I think that what you mean about "Business Traction" is to identify some of the transactions that Dynatrace is receiving as relevant transactions to the business. For example:
If your web application has a payment page with the URL "/finish-payment".
Dynatrace is going to detect this transaction automatically and will report response time, failure rate, throughput...
But at this point Dynatrace does not know if this transaction is relevant for you and your business, so it is treated the same as the transaction that loads the contact page "/contacts"

What you want to do with those special transactions is to mark them as Key Transactions, so you can establish special thresholds, bigger retention...

In Dynatrace you can select a Key request at service level or with RUM. So you may need to understand first the differences and capabilities of defining and using Key request in Services or Key user actions in RUM.


Hi Rodrigo ,

There is a document and video related to BT


I think, i understand what you said. All transactions are detected automatically but Dynatrace does not know which are related to Business. Therefore, we should define transaction related Business. Thank you for your help 🙂


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