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External Environment Activegate http monitor


Hi all,

I have a dynatrace managed and a cluster ActiveGate installed.

The cluster activegate has a public url that permits Synthetic tests using browser (clickpath).

How is not possible make simple Http tests from synthetic data center of Dynatrace(only permit browser tests), I was wondering if is possible to have Http monitor check using environment ActiveGate installed outside of the private network (on server in the aws for example) making http tests in our external site from this server on AWS and communicating with Cluster ActiveGate through of a public ip address.

Currently, We have a zabbix doing that and We would like to replace it using the http monitor of dynatrace to make simple http tests.

If Possible, how to do that?

a) Using a publicy available Ip Address on Cluster ActiveGate?

b) Using a Cluster ActiveGate URL



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In general Environment ActiveGate can communicate with Cluster ActiveGate to access server. So in general this should work. I'm only curious if Environment ActiveGate will know that it should communicate via public URL nor local one...


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

I believe this should work too.

The doubt is about how to configure (or no) the environment activegate to connect with a "Cluster ActiveGate URL" or a "Publicy available Ip Address". This is because the addresses that Environment activegate use to connect, in general, are configured automatically by Dynatrace managed.

And if It is possible to configure Env AG, what information must I use? Publicy available Ip Addres or Cluster ActiveGate URL, as shown in figures above.


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