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Filtering options for Request Attributes


We are looking to add some request attribute rules for an application and we are wondering if there is a way to filter on the contents of the request attribute value where it either contains or starts with certain values?

We are currently using Dynatrace Managed however I would curious to also know if this functionality may exists with Grail.



Yes, its totally possible. Take a look on this documentation page


In this screen you can set your filter based on request attribute and put there what you want like if i want a ip that begin with 192 the will retrieve if this value are on the filter

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I read the documentation and I understand that we can filter requests using a complete Request Attribute value such as the provided example of "Booking = checkcreditcard" however I could not find where it mentions being able to filter using operators such as "contains" or "starts with" so that we can create a filter like "Booking contains credit".  

You dont need use Contains, if you put Booking= creck

The querie will retrieve checkcreditcard, creckx and crecky

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I have walked through the example again and there is no way to modify the filter in the Multidimensional Analysis view, it simply uses whatever Request Attribute value that was selected in the Service details page.

We are on Dynatrace Managed, could this ability to modify filters as you described be available on SaaS only?

Can you send me a print screen?

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Sorry for my last post, it was wrong. im searching something that will help you

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The only way that you can do this is putting the whole IP for search. and insert more filtes based on the request attribute

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Could you elaborate as to how more filters could be applied?  Let's stay with the IP example where there is a Request Attribute called "SrcIP".  If we wanted to find all requests which contained "192" in "SrcIP" how would that be accomplished?

this is what i was saying, i think thats not possible 

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