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Finding Database Lock Activity via new Extension

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Good afternoon.  I updated our Dynatrace environment to monitor our Microsoft SQL Server databases for activity, locks, etc.  I'm still new to this whole Grail thing, so it may be pretty straightforward but can someone please help me better understand how to query for information around database activity, database deadlocks, etc?

I can see certain information like deadlock "counts" via the following - but this is a query that Dynatrace generated for us so I don't understand where exactly to drill for this data.

timeseries count=sum(`sql-server.locks.deadlocks.count`),by:{`dt.entity.sql:sql_server_instance`},filter:{`dt.entity.sql:sql_server_instance`=="CUSTOM_DEVICE-E1D746BE1E788A99"}

However, if I wanted to get additional information around deadlocks, what database\table they impact, etc. how can I do so?



Please support this idea : Database services anomaly detection: Add Database Lock - Dynatrace Community

You will solve your problem as well

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