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For oneagent, do we really need JMX enabled when OneAgent is already installed into the application for custom JMX plugin.

Below is my scenario. Please advise.

1. I am using red hat AMQ messaging application on which OneAgent is installed.

2. In Dynatrace managed, I only see infra/resource monitoring because as it does not support red hat amq.

3. When I start building custom JMX plugin, it does not work unless I enable JMX on application.

4. It is not the scenarion in appmon, it pulls all mbeans without JMX enabled if you have agent installed.

5. For oneagent, do we really need JMX enabled when OneAgent is already installed into the application.

Please advise.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

FYI @Karolina L. For some reason this post is email bombing me. I have received over 22 new emails from this so far in the past 15 minutes, yet it is only a simple post with no responses yet. I think something might be stuck for the notification system 🙂

Oh yes, me too!! I will ping her.

Thanks @Wolfgang B. 🙂

Same here. I disabled my notifications for now.

seems to be a bug in answerhub and I suspect I know what happened. I contacted our community people, they will fix as soon as possible.

Hi Larry,

It turned out that this is a core bug in our forum platform. The fix is on the way.

Thank you!


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Are you using the JMX/PMI extension editor? If so, do your metrics appear in the list after you configure metrics source?

Yes I am using editor. Metrics appear in the list even without JMX enabled. But metrics data is pulled only when JMX enabled.

No, you don't need to have JMX opened on the Java application. Dynatrace does not collect the metrics by connecting to JMX remotely, but it is using other means.

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Hi All,

My bad! If it spammed your mailbox.

Don't worry, we will fix this.

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